From The Archives #3

31 07 2008

While I’m getting some work done on the Venus for the next update, I thought I’d post some more photos from the past. These are specifically of the “Massachusetts” Venus as I found it, along with some before/after compositions. You sometimes don’t realize how far you’ve come until you see where you started. Enjoy! (Remember, all photos will enlarge with a simple click on the pic)

These are the initial photos that were sent to me as it sat in the owners driveway, note the enlarged hood scoop and how well-sorted the engine is!

Note the steering linkage rubbing on the oil pan below…think this was a problem? You’re darn tootin’ it was!

Having to deal with a mess like this (below) can cause severe brain-damage folks, though most of my friends already know that occurred many years ago!

Here is the same clutch and brake linkage finally sorted out and returned to original:

More later; thanks for checking in.

A big “thank you” to Dan Strohl of Hemmings Motor News who noticed this blog and gave it a link on the Hemmings Motor News blog, the big-daddy of all auto-blogs:

Patrick McLoad



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