From The Archives #5: Venus Restoration Movies

22 02 2009

Hello all. Not much has been accomplished on the Venus, however I threw together some movies that recount my work on the car from 2003 to 2009. These are partially made up of video and photos. Each is about 5 minutes in length.

Part One is of the Engine and Chassis:

…..and Part Two is of the Venus body:

These are Windows Media Files, and I don’ know how well they will play…still putzing around with the right bit-rate for webcast. I may have to resort to YouTube until I can get them on my own web server. The title sections have no audio; music and montage begins after the dip to black.

As always, thank you for your interest and I welcome your comments.

Patrick McLoad



5 responses

31 01 2010
Charles Dunn

I was a school chum of DeWitt Gorman, knew his father and family, knew Ken McLoad, and worked for Ration Mfg. Company – I think it was on Griggs Rd. I helped frabicate several of the bodies and witnessed the first try at placing a body on a ford chassis. The original design for a windshield was for a curved windshield to be cut to fit the body outline. But all attempts to cut the windshield resulted in breaks. Ken McLoad had a full shop in his add on home garage. I was there many times. He also owned two vintage Continentals. He had build a house in Dallas, a large boat, etc. He was certainly one of the best engineers I have ever known – and very inventive. Also worked for Eddie.

1 02 2010

Wow Charles! What a bombshell you’ve dropped on me. Clearly we need to talk!! Many thanks for logging on and leaving a message. This is gonna be a great conversation!!

7 03 2010
Roy Cason

Hi Patrick. From 1964 to Aug 1966, I worked as a draftsman trainee at Vector Cable Co. on Lawndale. You Father, Ken, was president. VP was a man named Bill Bowers. (5-6 years ago, Bowers still did consult for Camesa Cable Co.)Their secretary was Mary Alice Galmiche.
Your father would drop by regularly & check general drafting progress, while smoking a cigar. Drafting was under an engineer named Mike Kelm. The drafting supervisor was Tex Nance. I recall, one day Tex was looking over some car layout drawings of a Venus. I think he said he owned one, and 13 were built. Wish I could remember more, but it has been quite a while. Good lock on your project. Roy Cason.

7 03 2010

Roy: Thanks for the informative posting. I recognize all of those names: Bill Bowers, Mike Helm and Tex Nance. As I recall, it was Tex Nance that took the prototype….the one on the front of Motor Trend….back with him to Louisiana. That’s the last I ever saw of the car. I sure wish I could track him down!! Would you have any idea where he may have gone? Would save me a lot of work if I could find those original windshield posts…as it is, I’m having to make them from scratch. I sure would like to find some of the original drawings as well….I have nothing.

I recall going deer hunting with Mike Helm and his son; I was about 16 at the time. We went to a place owned or leased by a really nice guy named Dave Ross.
Is Bill Bowers still around? I thought I had heard that he had passed on. The number of cars built is still being bantered about…I’ve heard less than a dozen, 10, and 8.

Anyway, many thanks for the information. Has been decades since I last heard the name Tex Nance!

7 03 2010
Roy Cason

If you can recall Tex Nance real name, approx age or birth year or state he was born in I can try my hand at locating him. I dabble in genealogy so I have many search sites. Regards, Roy Cason

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