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23 01 2012

I’m afraid I was a bit optimistic in regards to what I was going to do next as reported in Update #10. I have made no headway towards mounting the chassis or starting the engine. Easier said than done, that’s for sure.
I am preparing a new update and hope to have something by the end of the week.
Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Patrick McLoad 



4 responses

14 02 2012
Dave Fine

Hi Patrick,

I just spent hours looking at all your information about the Venus, when I’m supposed to be writing a paper for school! I just find it endlessly fascinating (been a car nut since childhood). Now I HAVE to know how the story ends, so I’ve subscribed to your blog updates. Take your time and hang in there — everything you’ve done so far looks great. And please, PLEASE shoot some video of the Venus driving down the road when it’s finished (with sound – gotta hear the motor), ’cause I am a long way from you (Windsor, Canada, just across the river from the Motor City). Your Dad would be so proud!

16 02 2012

Dave: First and foremost, thank you leaving such a complimentary response to the blog! I know that people run into the story of the Venus from time to time, but few bother to read it to much depth, and fewer take the time to respond. So again, I am very grateful for the supportive words and for your interest in this project. It gives me hope that I’m on the right track! (I can’t wait to hear that Flathead V8 fire up myself!).

A couple of things have diverted my attention to the Venus, mostly making a living, but the next update will be focused on the making of the right and left windshield posts…all of which had to happen with only B&W photos to go by.
It should be an interesting update.

I also plan to “reboot” the story of the Venus on high-definition video when I get a chance. But hopefully, before long, I’ll have her painted and on the road. Thanks for subscribing, and again, for such a wonderful response. (Good luck in school!)

Patrick McLoad

4 03 2012
Jack Homen

Patrick, Thank you for sharing your journey in restoring not only your Venus but establishing a legacy from your father to future generations. This is the story of America when you can follow your dreams to create something that will be treasured. Godspeed and we look forward to the completion of your restoration. Jack

5 03 2012

Jack….I really appreciate that great response…I am at a loss for words…thank you very much!!

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