New Site Layout and Improvements

28 01 2015

Again, thank you very much for hanging in with me on this unique car project, and for checking in every now and again. Before I get too wrapped up in writing the stories and updates, I’ve decided to first perform a little “house cleaning” so to speak, making this site easier to navigate and to read. I will also upgrade the template to a “fresher” look once I get back into the swing of managing this humble site.

As you may have read in the post below, I have acquired the only other Venus known to exist, this one having been in Bellville, Texas with Jack and Christie Kovar for about 37 years. In previous updates, I referred to these two cars as either the “Massachusetts Venus” or the “Bellville Venus”. Well, that’s just too much to write, and besides, they are no longer in MA or Bellville. So hence forth…and until I find a better way to distinguish between the two…I will simply call them Venus #1 and Venus #2. Note these sub-categories are now in the Menu Bar. Naturally, the predominance of updates will be on Venus #1, the car I’ve been working on for longer than I care to remember (Venus #1 was originally built in Massachusetts). Updates, notes, and stories about Venus #2 will be kept separate (and should be).

When you come to this home page, there will be a short few sentences about a topic, followed by a “read more” link that (when clicked on) will take you to the full text, be it in Venus#1 or Venus#2 sections, or wherever. This way, you the reader won’t have to suffer through my overly-long babble anymore than you have to. Let’s face it, some of the minutia that we car guys get into is absolutely mind-numbing. So for the old and new viewer, you will at least have a choice from now on.

I’ve also created a “Photos” section that will probably contain many more archival photos than you’ve seen in the past. Just click through these until you simply can’t stand any more!

As a reward for coming back, here’s a new 1955 B&W photo of a Venus in our driveway in Houston, Texas (Garden Villas subdivision, near Hobby Airport).
Only two other people have seen this photo up to now. (It should surely go viral, huh?!) Click on photo for a larger version.

Venus Near Carport, 1955 Photo

The photo above will be among many new topics and discoveries to cover in the coming weeks. So again, I appreciate your interest, and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or suggest any constructive improvements to this site.

Patrick McLoad




2 responses

29 10 2015
Elizabeth Rockett


My name is Elizabeth Rockett, I’m the granddaughter of E.F Rockett. He passed away in 1993, but my mother Nancy Rockett just found the article about you finding the car and knowing of more in existence today. I was hoping I could talk to you, do an email exchange of any information you may have? It made my mom and her sisters very happy to see the old photograph of their dad and see the cars were still in existence.

Ideally I’d love to go on the hunt myself to buy one as well. If you could read out, my email is listed above.

30 10 2015

WOW!! This is an incredible comment! I Have been looking for information on Mr. Rockett for such a very long time! I have sent you an e-mail.

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