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31 03 2015
Frank Fay

Don’t see any photos here…….just wanted you to know when I was 12, I moved to Sudbury Massachusetts, the nearest neighbor we had, about a half a mile way had a Venus in a barn where the roof had collapsed. My brother and I would play around it once in a while. It could be seen from the road and at first, we thought it was some kind of custom 55 chevy, but upon our first inspection, we saw the Ford Steering wheel and the Venus nameplate on the back. It was red in color but very faded. We took our Dad to see it and he explained that it might have been a hot rod or a kit car. It was there for a number of years, but about 1978, it vanished. I always wondered what happened to the car, even then, we all knew it was rare. Is this the same Massachusetts car you mention, I can’t see any pictures here???

1 04 2015

Frank, thank you very much for the message…I found it very interesting! My apologies for not havong any photos up on my old Venus site. I’m in the process of creating a new WordPress site for the Venus since so much
has changed. Additionally, the old site was difficult for a person to “pick and choose” what they wanted to view, so the whole thing needed to be re-designed. It’s just taken me a bit longer to get it done.
If you want to see some photos, please go to for some photos I’ve uploaded.

The Venus that was shipped to Massachusetts (body only) is the gray-colored car in some of the pins.
It was shipped to the Gordon Jewett auto-body facility in Worchester, MA, and put together there by one of the owners of that shop.
I refer to this car as the “Massachusetts Venus” in some of the pins. This is the first known photograph of that car that was completed in time to show at an AutoRama show in Hartford, CT in 1955.
It was apparently all white and had the 55 Chevy grille. This is the only Venus that I know of that made it up to MA. It was mounted to a ’49 Ford that had been rolled. The only other photo of it was when I went up to “rescue” it (see “as found” photos
of the gray car). It had undergone quite a transformation”, so to speak.

The older guy I bought it from mention something about it being out in a field, or perhaps by a barn, with chicken coops stacked on top of it. During the removal of the paint from the body, I dont ever recall seeing any red paint. Maybe it was
the interior you remember? I sure wish you had a photograph of it from around that time. Although I can’t say for certain, I sincerely doubt that a second Venus made its way up to MA. So the roof collapsed in a barn where it was stored? Well, isn’t that
just great!

I’m trying to finish up the “history” of the Venus now, and hope to get the new site up and running shortly. Make sure to subscribe and you’ll get the link when it’s finally done. I now have two Venus cars in my possession, and until I get an e-mail
out of the blue, these are the only two known to be in existence. Thanks again for contacting me, and please stay in touch!

1 04 2015
Frank Fay

Thanks so much for responding. I can tell you for 1000% certainty, that the car I knew in Sudbury Massachusetts which is about 20 miles west of Worcester was definitely a Venus. Possibly the same car. My memory maybe off, yes, for sure the interior was red, the outside was extremely faded but I thought red….but when I say faded, it was like primer. The barn it was in was a garage where the roof had collapsed so the roof was gone and some beems were still there, but the car was in side completely exposed to the weather and the garage, was in the middle of a field which was about 1 acre in size. I am a car collector myself and own 18 cars but have owned over 100….and the Venus made an impression on my brother and myself. We wanted our father to try to buy it so we could restore it….we did eventually get our Dad to buy us a 56 DeSoto in 1973. The Venus was really too much for two teenagers to handle. The home that it was in was very hillbiillyish even though Sudbury itself was a very wealthy town. I think it has to be the same car. I saw my first vintage photo in about 1978 looking thru old car magazines and saw a Venus and was so happy to finally understand what the car was. I’m so happy to see your restoring it……it has to be the same car……Good Luck……wish I had a photo for you but I don’t :O)

1 04 2015

Thanks Frank.

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